Thursday, October 6, 2011

Jack's (and Sam's!) Favorite: Mashed Rutabaga & Carrots

Our kids LOVE mashed rutabaga and carrots.  Actually, at our house, we usually call it swede and carrots.  Both my mom and my mother in law are British citizens and that's what the Brits and Scots call it.  Swede (pronounced sweed) rolls of the tongue a little better than rutabaga, doesn't it?  If you're looking for a rutabaga at the grocery store, you'll find it right next to the turnips.  They actually look like a turnip, but the color is slightly different.

We made this last week to go with a pot roast that we tossed in the crockpot on one of those lovely rainy Oregon days.  Both of the boys devoured their swede and carrots before they even touched their meat.  Although Sam usually feeds himself, he has yet to master (or even begin to show interest in...) the use of utensils, so Brandon and I tag teamed feeding him.  There's nothing worse than a hungry Sam, so we do what we have to do around here to keep the kid fed.

Mashed Rutabaga & Carrots

2 medium sized rutabaga
4 large carrots
2-4 Tbsp Kerrygold Irish Butter (made from grass fed cows milk)
Salt to taste

Peel and chop rutabaga and carrots into 1 inch pieces.  Steam or boil until soft and drain if needed (if you boiled them).  Mash with butter and add some salt to taste.  Pretty simple, huh?

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