Friday, March 2, 2012

Italian Salad

Lately, I've been trying to increase the amount of veggies we eat.  It would seem that when you eat paleo, you would eat a lot of veggies.  However, it's pretty easy to eat just protein for breakfast and just one vegetable with lunch and dinner.  Our little dudes aren't usually begging for more veggies and they usually snack on fruit and maybe some nuts.

So, in an effort to get more veggies into our bodies, I've started eating salads again.  This may sound like a funny statement, but I think it's pretty easy to get burned out on salads.  I have a love/hate relationship with them.  We had so much lettuce in our CSA last summer that it's been a while since I actually made salad at home.

But, the drought is over.  I have been eating a big salad most nights after the kids go to bed -- and I've actually been enjoying them!  This particular salad is inspired by a salad that my friend Michelle would make that was based on the Italian B.M.T. sub at Subway.  Not that salad has a gender, but this one seems a little more manly than some.

Ingredients: Lettuce, olives, italian sausage, peppers, onions and italian dressing*.  I usually add some sunflower seeds for a little crunch.  And if I could find some decent pepperoni, I would add that too.  And maybe some bacon.

*I use this recipe for italian dressing.  It tastes just like Good Seasons (in fact, I mix it up in Good Seasons carafe).  I always have some made up and it works great as a marinade or dressing.


  1. That's what I concoct when we go out for pizza with others: a salad pizza! At Olive Garden, I ordered a side of sausage to put on my salad...the server looked at me funny. ;) I just do olive oil and balsamic when I'm out.

  2. Alison! Can you give me more info on the CSA basket info? I've googled it til my fingers were sore, and I am not sure what's best for us. Any websites or phone numbers you can recommend? Much obliged! : ) Sarah B

    sarahn6878 at hotmail dot com

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