Friday, August 5, 2011

Paleo Pizza!

We are a family of pizza lovers. Although, who doesn't love pizza? Friday's used to mean homemade pizza at our house. Since today is Friday, I thought I would post about our favorite Paleo pizza. Early on in our Paleo journey, we found Everyday Paleo's pizza crust recipe and we love it. It is definitely not the same as regular old not so good for you pizza, but it makes a great substitute. Pizza is also a great thing to get kids involved in making. Jack often picks out one or two of our veggies and he's a great little sauce spreader.

And we also recently discovered this delicious tapanade (sounds so fancy, huh?) at Trader Joe's that works great as a pizza sauce.

The tapande is a great base flavor for almost any topping. We usually just add whatever we have laying around.

This time around (please ignore the spot on the camera lens...), we used Italian sausage, yellow peppers and olives. We would normally add more veggies, but we were running low on this particular day.

Slice it up and enjoy!

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